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Learn 5 Potential Benefits Of Having Automatic Doors For Your Business

If you own or run a business, you might have never given a second thought to the doors or entryways to it. If someone needs to open a door, they put their hand on it to open it, push it, or pull it, right? That doesn’t have to always be the case though. Keep reading into the following paragraphs to learn 5 potential benefits of having an automatic door rather than a manual one, and consider if any of them might mean such an upgrade is a worthwhile investment of your money and resources.

1) Security: If you’re considering upgrading an employee access point, then you might be able to institute a swipe card system where everyone has to slide their ID in order to make the doors open. This is much faster than a lock and key system, as a single swipe card can be deactivated if lost, rather than giving everyone new keys, which can also be copied. You also get tracking logs and even possibly surveillance video of who is entering and when.

2) Hygiene: Doors that have to be opened manually get touched by a lot of fingers and hands. During sick season when bugs are going around, these door handles become breeding grounds for nasty little critters that get everyone sick. Just one illness can devastate your available employee headcount in one week and throttle productivity of those that are left. Decrease the number of sick days you see your workforce take by removing a surface they all must touch.

automatic door

3) Faster employee movement: Do your workers need to move in and out often with boxes, packages, dollies, or other things in their hands? Automatic doorways mean they can enter and exit without using their hands, meaning they are more efficient in their tasks.

4) Lower utility bills: Is your business in an area where you run the heat or air conditioning a lot to keep things comfortable inside as compared to the weather or climate going on outdoors? Your access points can bleed a lot of energy as heat goes in or out, since doors sometimes get left open or take precious seconds to close. Automatic doors will shut themselves automatically if no one is in the pathway, meaning you get better insulation. If you have enough room and foot traffic, you might even want to consider an entryway using two sets of doors.

5) Automated lighting: If you have certain areas of your business that aren’t used all the time, connect an automated door to the lighting, meaning that the room or storage area only gets illuminated if someone actually physically walks in. That can do wonders for your utility bill yet again.

These 5 potential benefits of having an automatic door installed in your business are far from the only ones, but they do represent the most prominent potential ones that might appeal to you. Consult a provider in your community to learn what other possibilities are out there you can take advantage of.