Hens Night Ideas

Cheerful And Easy Hens Night Ideas

Planning a hen night can be a daunting task because you want everything to be perfect for the bride. This is why many bridesmaids look at hens night ideas to help them.

When you are looking at hens night ideas, you do need to keep in mind what the bride will enjoy, that the main objective is to get everyone together to celebrate and to have fun.

Go Old School With A Sleepover

If you have a small and close-knit group of friends, you should consider a sleepover for the hen night. Getting together and celebrating the bride in this informal manner can be more relaxing and enjoyable than heading out on the town. If you decide to go with a sleepover, there are a few things that you need to do.

The first is choosing a location which could be your house, that of another bridesmaid or the family home of the bride if the family is willing. You should also get supplies of sweet treats and all the good things that the bride enjoys. It is also important to plan some fun and entertainment. You do not have to play party games as renting movies or watching reality TV while you lounge about can be just as fun.

The point of this type of hen night is to have fun with all of your friends in a simple and relaxed manner. Drinks and silliness is the order for the evening and this will generally be fairly easy to achieve.

Hens Night Ideas

Have A Cocktail Mixing Night At Home

Cocktails are something that most people enjoy, even if they will not admit to this. While you can head out to an actual class, it will not be as fun for a hen night has mixing cocktails at home. This is also a very fun activity that gets everyone involved and having fun.

You will need to look up some recipes that you think everyone will be comfortable with making. Try and keep this simple and do not choose too many recipes because that could make the night too complicated. You also need to ensure that you have plenty of ingredients because there are going to be some accidents.

In terms of supplies for the night, you need to have chopping boards and knives, cocktail glasses, measuring jugs and cocktail shakers. Cocktail decorations and cleaning materials are also important, but they are all easy to get from your local store. While you are making cocktails, you can chat with your friends and ensure that everyone is having a good time.

A Hen Night Camping Trip

If the bride loves the outdoors, you should consider going camping or glamping. There are a lot of great campsites that you can head to which will make your hen night or weekend a success. Of course, you will need to check the guidelines for the camping ground before you go because some might have restrictions that dampen your party.

When you plan this hen night, you need to tell all of the guests what to bring. You can also look at borrowing some of the items that you do not have like tents. You also need to ensure that you take enough food and drinks because you generally will not be close to a store.